I adventure in my mind


cardigan: Juicy Couture:: skirt: Banana Republic:: boots: Sole Society

So. I’m reading another Michael Crichton book because I’m obsessed. So obsessed that even though I didn’t quite like The Andromeda Strain,  I still bought Congo (I had a hard time taking the movie seriously) as soon as I finished Andromeda.  And now I’m dreaming about going on trips to uncover lost ruins hidden in isolated terrains (but I’d have to be ok with temperature extremes and wild animals AND actual exploring). Or maybe teaching my cats how to sign (but I’d have to learn how to sign first AND my cats are kind’ve assholes).

And so these are some of the reasons why I keep on reading Crichton. Pretty much so I can continue adventuring in my jammies.

Home: Progress in the Library

So even though I have zero experience in home renovating or maintenance, I am pretty adamant in doing as many improvement/decorating jobs myself. Call me crazy, stupid, of cheap, but for me, I like the sense of pride and accomplishment I feel after putting in the research and work to a project.

Last summer, I tackled the overgrown front yard and plan on working on the backyard this year. But I (with B, of course) also painted our library. When we bought the house, the room was staged as the living room, and the guy we bought the house from painted the walls shades of taupe and grey. (-_-)


So after we bought the house, I immediately began  researching colors I’d like to use since I was definitely certain I would like to use this room to showcase our books. I chose this rich blue shade from Sherwin Williams. 2 coats and a few hours later, the room was magically transformed to something so much more suited to tall, dark bookcases and long hours of reading


More updates to come!



sweater: Urban Outfitters:: booties: Forever 21:: necklace: Banana Republic

There are perks to documenting one’s outfits in a blog. One of them is that I notice what items I end up wearing a lot of, which, unsurprisingly, are most of my black/grey pieces. In a way, blogging has helped me be more aware of what I like, what I’m comfortable in, and how those aspects have changed over time.

Blogging has also made me hyper-aware of the pieces in my closet that barely get any wear, like this swan sweater (because it is neither grey nor black, duh). Funny thing is that  I loved 6 or so years ago when B gave it to me for Christmas and would wear it all. the. time.

That Pizza Tee. Again.


pizza tee: gifted:: skirt: H&M:: cardigan, shoes: Forever 21::

My 4-day weekend starts today, and I intend to fill these days with lots of stuff. There will be pottery. There will be spring cleaning. There will be reading. And lots of tea. Naps will happen. Garden tending may happen. And I’m sure I’ll end up watching documentaries or listening to podcasts.

AND I’m pretty sure I’ll end up wearing this pizza tee. Again. Because it’s just too good not to wear all the time!

Spirit of the Forest


Totoro sweater: Hot Topic:: jacket: Blue Rivet:: scarf: gifted::

There are days when I’m running later than usual (because I’m always on a tight schedule. I like my sleep, thank you.) when I pretty much grab anything grey and/or black and put them together. Today was not one of those days. In fact, I’ve been trying really hard to not wear this Totoro sweater so much but I can’t help it. It’s too damn cute.

You know who else is cute? Chococat! I mean, who can resist those emerald orbs?